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Find (?) Anomalies -- Features or Bugs?

I read page 406 in the Borror book and it would seem that there is behavior with the find (?) operator that is not addressed there: Notice the different result depending on whether the first item of the left operand is atomic or not: q)(1 2;3;3 4;4)?...

i in select phrase of q-sql

I dont get this. Is i available for every column. Could a by i select phrase and a fby in where phrase do the same thing ? Is i provided for convenience or is it a redundancy ?

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Datatypes 100 and 112

Can someone just post an example of function s with datatype 100 (lambda) and 112 (dynamic queries). Also since kdb has a new data type 20 (`sym) does that mean that every other data type got shifted doen by 1 or is it eating a number from the enumer...

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Col type errors

Doc days column type is inferred by first element inserted. twl1:([] col1: 1 2; col2: 5.1 "y") Would col2 be a general list then ?

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