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Count a streak of numbers with a reset?

Hello,I'd like to count rows with like sided numbers in a row and then if there's an opposite side reset the count.q)t:([]number:"I"$())number streak2 13 24 3-2 1-7 21 14 22 3 Thanks, All

hoffmanroni by New Contributor III
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[TorQ] Creating new processes

How can I create a new real-time subscriber process that works like rdb or ctp? I would expect it to show up in and receive data at the upd[] function.I am getting this at the out_xxx.log. The access error is ...

LamHinYan by New Contributor
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Create a splayed table in parallel?

It is easy to create csv files in parallel -- they are not related to each other. you can launch as many processes as you want and write csv files to the file system. splayed tables, however, are tricky since multiple sub-directories share the same "...

KdbNoob by New Contributor
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SuperNoob Need Help Troubleshooting Free Download

After following the double click windows install instructions here http://code.kx.com/wiki/Tutorials/Installation the cmd prompt screen simply flashes for a split second then goes away.any thoughts on how to fix?

admonsali by New Contributor
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How to make in process callback on w32?

I've extended kdb w32 with a windows dll written in c++ and compiled with mingw. Ive had trouble figuring out how to register a callback in the main q thread via sd1(). In Linux, I'd use eventfds... I see the kx documentation suggests using selectabl...

Emil by New Contributor
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