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Questions on Rank of a List/Atom

Can someone point me to a formal definition of how rank is defined on a list. I believe I understand how it's defined, I just want to make sure I'm clear one it.Now is the rank of an atom by definition 0 or undefined? Since an atom has no structure I...

erik_friis by New Contributor III
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Relying on uniqueness of kdb+/tick timestamp

I am recording snapshots of variable market depth in a table usingkdb+/tick. I send each snapshot to tick.q using a separate .u.upd call,e.g., a snapshot of 5 bids and 5 offers might be followed by a snapshotof 8 bids and 6 offers.Can I rely on the t...

Test int set bit and hex to long conversion functions

Hi,I've hit a blocker where I need to test for set bits in an int column that stores flags for an account. kdb doesn't seem to have built in bitwise operators. I've seen some blog posts about adding such functionality with linked in C libraries. Does...