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Resolved! How to modify the execution command in qJupyter?

I am trying to start qJupyter on one of our servers. All well, but I need to modify the q command it uses because we only have a licence for 2 cores on our dev server and I need to append taskset -c 1,2 before the q command. Does anyone know how to a...

Resolved! kdb+ summing

What algorithm is used in kdb+ for adding floating point numbers, when we run sum or sums? Is it simple adding the values up in order? I am looking for something that will minimise precision error, something like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kahan_s...

jlucid by Contributor
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Resolved! Trying to run ArrowKDB Examples from doc

Hi, I am using KDB (KDB+ 4.0 Cloud Edition) I have downloaded and installed arrowkdb-linux-1.4.0-rc.1.tgz My OS is Ubuntu 22.04. I have been trying to run the examples but I can't get it to work. my error is: q))N:5 q))table:([]tstamp:asc N?0p;temper...

liordra by New Contributor II
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q/kdb+ Table Manipulation Cheatsheet

Hello everyone, I wanted to share a cheatsheet I recently posted on my LinkedIn profile, and I thought it would be valuable to share it here as well. Table manipulation is an important aspect of kdb+, and q is an incredibly powerful tool for it. My c...

001_00.jpg 001_00.jpg
Michaela by Community Manager
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Reloading HDB causes "Cannot allocate memory" error

Hi, we are running an HDB instance that loads from a partitioned database on the disk. To reload the indexing of the HDB after updating the database, we run the following: \l . This was working in the past but recently it has been running into the er...

clivelo by New Contributor II
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