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Resolved! How the sym file reads data from partition table?

Hi, Masters: Last week, I created a partition table to store fundmental data, for example, Sector A has 10 equities and Sector B has 8 equities. The data changed day by day and was loaded by a csv file which exported from Stock Exchange system. It wo...

Resolved! {$["j";x in V]'[x;"_"]} / Case

https://code.kx.com/q/learn/reading/strings/#c_ns_n_nts {$["j";x in V]'[x;"_"]} / Case May I ask how does each both work here please?

Resolved! Qt QWebSockets with kdb+

Hello there, I am trying to connect to kdb process from C++ (using the Qt framework) using the very simple example provided by Qt for their QWebSocket class here: https://doc.qt.io/qt-6/echoclient.html Unfortunately this doesn't work for me. The stat...

odriscog by New Contributor
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What does \t (neg h)"command"; h"command" return?

Happy Friday all, had a few questions about the mechanics of IPC: 1. Are IPC messages sent in a FIFO (first in, first out) queue? For example, say I am a client sending IPC messages m1, m2, m3 in that order to a server. Will the server process m1, m2...

Resolved! kdb+ and websockets

The syntax notion for opening a websocket is given as follows r:(`$":ws://host:port")"GET / HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: host:port\r\n\r\n" but what is the format if I want to connect with a specific URL and pass arguments using ? and &, such as below localhost...

jlucid by New Contributor III
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