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k/kdb 3.2

"Inherited" a product with a K/KDB 3.2 database in it. Need to connectto a table via the K console to fetch some data and having syntaxproblems.Ignoring that there may be security in place to prevent theconnection, knowing that the K server is listen...

"writing compilers is a snap in q."

Content-Disposition: inlinein "q for mortals 2", jeffry claims "writing compilers is a snap in q."are there any examples? searching for 'compiler' doesn't get me anywhere.ta, jack

effbiae by New Contributor
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aggregate function

how can i create my own aggregate function in q?to try something i did following:-f1:{100+first x}when i do:-select f1 field from table1where field is an int, it gives �type error....but if i do:-.q.f1: {first x+100}.Q[`a0],:.q.f1thenselect f1 field ...

Shiv by New Contributor
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SSH and command line 'Q'

I have a problem which is not directly to do with q, but to do withthe use of q under SSH.My local machine is a windows laptop, and I'm trying to run q on aremote machine which is a multi core linux box. I access the remotelinux box via SSH using the...

non-sprayed table does not support partition ?

Hi, all:I have a table with hundreds millions unique symbols, it's hard tobeen stored as sprayded.q)t:([] url:`symbol$(); referer:`symbol$())how to partition the non-sprayed table ?Best Regards,Davies

by Not applicable
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