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Unable to run 64 or 32 bit kdb+ to ppc64le IBM P9 server

As subject, can’t run q and show must provide a query in command line, or through the file with the -f parameter or cannot execute binary file: Exec format error.I have tried 32 bit, 64 bit and ARM edition. Still don’t work. Please help!

gsronald by New Contributor
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Function within a function

I am struggling with how to map a list into a function.Each item in the list, consists of a start date, end date, int and symbol.q)requests:((2021.06.07;2021.06.09;53696;`Sent);(2021.06.12;2021.06.14;81840;`Sent))I then have a function that creates a...

Convert Tree into Table columns

Hi All,I have a problem statement where I need to convert Tree kind of rows into columns. For Ex:-I have a table Tree where I have rows as follows :Rule | Key | ValueRule1 | Key1 | Val1Rule1 | Key2 | Val2Rule2 | Key1 | Val3Rule2 | Key2 | Val4Rule3 | ...

KDB_Dev by New Contributor
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Important ML Toolkit Changes

For anyone that uses the KX Machine Learning repos (Toolkit/AutoML/NLP) the following is relevant. Added to this group as the implications of the change may be seen anywhere these repos or select functionality is used extensively.Today we released an...

cmccarthy1 by New Contributor III
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Minimum Requirements To Achieve Streaming In KX Dashboards

Have sort of asked this before, but had to drop to complete other projects-- but we're back...So, I'm trying to achieve streaming data within Dashboards. I've gone through the docs (PDFs) and tutorials (videos etc) and still can't seem to achieve suc...

planefan by Contributor
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