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Re: [personal kdb+] KDB embedQ use array from Q in Python

Hi Simon,Assigning q objects to be accessible from functions defined in the Python side of the API requires you to set the objects. In the case you're describing where you want to run p)print(tbl1)You would need to run this in the following steps:// ...

cmccarthy1 by New Contributor III
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KDB embedQ use array from Q in Python

Hi All,I am using JupyterQ and have two 2 tables in q:tbl1: ([]month1997.01;1997.01;1997.01); ric3#`GTGS.SI); date1997.01.06T01:19:21.160;1997.01.06T01:53:57.230;1997.01.06T07:24:19.240); price0.71;0.72;0.73));tbl2: ([]month1997.01;1997.01;1997.01); ...

Publishing Data After Upd

Greetings Qbies, I have a process, running on its own port, listening to my tickerplant and running some computations during .u.upd. I'm hoping to publish the updated results such that I'll be able to listen from c#. When I go to publish via .u.pub[t...

planefan by Contributor
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Split the values into two column.

Hi, I have let say table as below ID BasketID Quantity------------ ------------------ --------------------QQQ QQQB 45QQQ QQQS 100DDD DDDS 50ZZZ ZZZS 12ZZZ ZZZB 80In BasketID column the last index tell that whether it is buy or sell basket (LIKE : QQQ...

KDB_Dev by New Contributor
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Generate matrix based on row probability

how can i generate the matrix below?given matrix 1 1 12 2 23 3 3and probability that row is selected1 1 1 = 50%2 2 2 = 25%3 3 3 = 25%generate matrix 1 1 11 1 12 2 23 3 3

Ben_R by New Contributor
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