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Is it possible to empty insert into a table?

Considering there are no table created at the momentCan I in following statements are possible?First Call to the Database : command :create table-with column names and add a single Row. This would create table with the column names and adds a single ...

soum_guli by New Contributor
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Mapping KDB+ database

Hi guys, I have been struggling creating a function to map an entire kdb+ database. I am staring with a directory and get the type for each files - >type each . Main If type = 98 (table) then save it. If type = 99 (dictionary), open the dictionary an...

glorieuxh by New Contributor
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Unable to run q language on Macbook terminal

Hi guys please help me out. I have downloaded KGB+ 64bit from https://kx.com/connect-with-us/download/ and got a license file after that. I am unable to open the q command line. i have downloaded it in my downloads, tried to run it from the downloads...

64-bit personal - license/cloud usage

Hi all,I'm interested in using the AxLibraries (https://kx.com/blog/code-development-documentation-linting-testing-kx-analyst) in my CI/CD pipeline.In a typical use case (Github, GitLab, etc.), the build agent will run on a Kubernetes pod, i.e. in th...

samsogade by New Contributor
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Rolling Bars

Hello, wondering if there is a simple way to have rolling bars and xbar wont work because its rounded to nearest multiple. So would like to have something like 30minute bars updated every 5seconds. Not sure if I should be using aj or xprev, or if the...