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How to extract remote data

Please tell me the code to solve the following issues: Using the handle ```` h` and the `a` variable , call the `xxx` API and retrieve the data. Store the returned table in a variable `t`.

Qin by New Contributor
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Resolved! Behavior of asc table

The doc on asc says > table, returns it sorted by the first non-key column and with the partitioned attribute set on it But when there is only one non-keyed column, it's actually the sorted attribute that is set. q)meta asc ([c1:`a`b] c2:2 1) c | t f...

darrenwsun by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Linking vector columns

Hi, Is there a way to link vector columns so that when we do something like asc, the corresponding column will also re-arrage: tbl:([] sVec:((`b`c`a);(`c`a`b);(`a`b`c));sNum:((2 3 1);(3 1 2);(1 2 3))); tbl sVec sNum ----------- b c a 2 3 1 c a b 3 1 ...

MG4 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! select avg (ignore null)

select avg[col1;col2] from t would give average of col1 and col2 including null. What is the "ignoring null" version of it? Thanks.