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kdb+ paster

Here is a utility function I wrote to allow multi-line pasting into the kdb+ console. I find this very helpful when debugging or stepping through code, as I can copy in chunks of code, rather than line by line. I keep it in my q.q file. I'd seen this...

Next Vector Dōjō on Sun 20 November

The dōjō awaits youAnother intimate Vector Dōjō this coming Sunday 20 November: room for three. Once again we’ll pick small problems from e.g. Project Euler, Rosetta Code, or LeetCode to explore the transition from looping to vector solutions. Mornin...

SJT by Contributor III
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You could pay Michal Wallace to stop using k

Every qSQL query has an equivalent functional form – in fact, is parsed into it, so there is no difference in their execution. The qSQL queries look like SQL and we use them wherever possible, but the functional forms are more general, and some more ...

SJT by Contributor III
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Resolved! Mandelbrot man rides again

In the forthcoming episode of the ArrayCast podcast our guest Michal Wallace of 1010data referred to an ad he had once placed on LinkedIn to recruit someone who would learn k3, an ancestor language of q. In the job ad he showed the k3 code to print a...

Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 11.29.18.png
SJT by Contributor III
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Q For Problems - Episode 6

Hi everyone, Please check out episode 6 of the Q For Problems video series. This covers problem 6 from the Project Euler problem set. Project Euler - Problem 6 The problem is to find the difference between the sum of the squares of the first one hund...

jkane17 by New Contributor III
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