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cron job of q script with timer

New Contributor
Hi, I had a previous question about cron job of q script with timer (can't see the non-published group email.)
it seems I figured out--the way I was able to keep the q process keep running when starting from cron was to add a port number. Hmm... not sure why? (did I miss this note...?)


New Contributor

A q session would keep running if u didn't call exit or //

Assigning port or not doesn't matter

New Contributor II

Hello Angela, 

In your cronjob, you can start a script like;

0 12 * * *      sh /<path-to-your-script>/<your-script>.sh >> <path-to-your-output-log>/cronout.log 2>&1 &

Then in this script file you can go with something like this;

#!/usr/bin/env bash
. <any-source-or-config-file-you-need-in-your-q-process>

cd <to-your-q-script-folder>
/home/<your-user>/q/l64/q <your-q-script>.q > <your-log-file-location>_$(date +'%Y.%m.%dT%H:%M:%S').log 2>&1 &

Notice the ampersand at the end; that ampersand will keep your process alive until you explicitly call exit in your q script.

Hope this helps.

New Contributor

I think q with port number keeps main execution sequence/thread alive and timer task which has to run different thread must need main.