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does Kdb+ supports horizontal scalability?

New Contributor
Hello, I am doing research on different Time Series Data Bases alternatives for a project in my university.

One of the technical requirements is that the database must be able to scale horizontally (clustering), that is, store the data on several servers (nodes) and be able to adapt to the addition of new nodes to the array.

It is also not clear to me if Kdb + has its own backend or if, like other TSDBs, it requires an external backend (for example KairosDB uses Cassandra as its backend).

I would appreciate if some of you could clarify these questions I have 🙂

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Hello Rosita

You might find these white papers helpful.

Query Routing: A kdb+ framework for a scalable, load balanced system

Interprocess communication is baked into the q language at a low level, so kdb+ processes are easily connected.


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