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hopen just hangs

New Contributor
I am connected to a q server session (v 3.4 on linux) and playing with
All of a sudden, that session was not accepting new connections. ie hopen just hangs without any error.
But I am still connected to that q session and communicating with it. We had to restart that session to make it accept new connections.

Anyone knows why this happened? I dont think my changing of is the cause. Also, 20 is perhaps the max # of connections to that server.
If this were to happen again, what can an existing q session do to find out why it is not accepting new connections?

New Contributor II
A few things could have caused the hopen to hang: 

1. you were running a query that caused the instance to be busy (hopen has to wait until your query finishes)

2. you were working in debug mode on the instance. The instance will not accept hopens or queries until you exit debug mode. 

3. You altered or .z.po

As for how you could try to catch this issue in future - modify and .z.po to capture/log the incoming hopen request. 


None of those things were true when it happened. 
I was actively communicating with that q server session until it was restarted.
If it happens again, I will modify & .z.po as you suggested.  Thanks.