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how to print debug or view message whenever a message arrive on q kdb+

New Contributor III

how to print debug or view message whenever a message arrive on q kdb+

hi KX Technology experts
question: A software construct where Solace presents a
message broker and kdb+ stores the details. Everything works
without any output to verify functionality, how can q / "kx developer"
show incoming messages from solace (there is a call back) or how
to view the kx table and verify the new rows inserted to tables?

I try to start working with kx developer but need help working
with workspace and organise q and kdb+ programs / queries.
There are more then one q scripts to launch one get the incoming message
from solace, other send statistics to solace. how to arrage a workspace
on "kx developer" so all flow runs programmatically with one activation
(single mouse click)?

Ori Kovacsi Katz


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ori,

Thanks for your questions!

Can I get a bit more information from you so I can understand your system set up?

Is this a real-time or historical system?

Are you using any other KX products or are you trying to data from q processes?

It sounds like you could benefit from adding some logging to the processes that are ingesting the data:

Looking forward to finding out more about this use case.



New Contributor III

Thanks managed to print to console.