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kdb+ and MongoDB/unstructured data

New Contributor
Hi Q Experts,

So with kdb+ 3.6 now allowing functionality with unstructured data I'm wondering if some of you can give some further information on the use of it. The release post doesn't really give much to go on;

I've come across mongoq, developed by AqauQ Analytics and which I found out about on the following Kx link (from back in 2015);

This then led me to a blog post provided by the developers of mongoq;

Now, what I'm getting to here is what to use going forward. I've got an order management system (which I'm using Mongo due to it's collection speed). 
I want to run analysis/aggregation on my orders (which I believe could be achieved best using kdb+/q or mongoq) - what I want to know is what set-up would be best/most efficient. Without going into too much detail about my orders/data, my thinking is there are a few options here;

1. Use MongoDB for both processing and analysis.
2. Use MongoDB for my processing and then kdb+ for analysis (possibly utilising mongoq?)
3. Change my system to all kdb+ (I think this is not the right way due to the power of MongoDB and its unstructured formatting... which leads me to my next option)
4. Use the new unstructured data functionality of kdb+ 3.6 possibly using MongoDB (option 2 again) or using all kdb+ (option 3 again)

I understand this is quite an abstract question/request but I'm hoping some advice can be given on this matter and the use of both kdb+ 3.6 and mongoq can be cleared up.

Thanks, as always!
Andie C