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kdb+ binaries for raspberry-pi

New Contributor
I recently was trying to run kdb+ on raspberrypi. The free linux 32 bit download was in-compatible because of ARM architecture in pi.

Do we have any kdb+ binaries available for 32-bit Linux-ARM for educational use?
or if someone can share steps to make q run on raspberrypi. I think it will require to compile code on pi.

Suggestions appreciated!

Raman Garg

New Contributor II
New Contributor II
Hi Raman,

Sorry, we stopped building for arm about 18M ago and the old pi binaries are no longer available (timed out).
Can you tell us what were you intending to use kdb+ for on the pi?


Hi Charles,

I was thinking to do is:
- With raspberrypi I'll integrate some sensor to collect some data... lets say some health related data of patients
- With KDB+ we can do some analysis on collected data and send to output device/generate alerts.

Raman Garg

I noticed this post:

Is there a rpi/ARM binary available now? 

A release for pi will be available around

Is there a KDB 4.0 version for ARM ? the website seems to provide only v 3.5. Keen to test 4.0 out on a R Pi 4.