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qPad's official RC7 is out @

New Contributor
As RC6 is expired on 31th of March, RC7 was made available for download (exp. 30th of September)
Expiration cycle/official release schedule is now twice a year (no sense in shorter one with the number of bugs being reported/level of stability achieved).
That being said, interim devbuilds will be available on the forum, as usual.

Main new features:
- q visual debugger is improved and should be kdb+ 3.0 compatible
- Reworked, generalized and improved cross-referencing engine, subsequent visual features are Functions and Variables inventories (Ctrl+Alt+F/V with Namespaces tree loaded).
- Support for guid type.
- improved linkage source pane->instance mechanism.
- q errors (signals) a bit explained when displayed

Tips on usage can be found here:

Please report any bugs found to my gmail address.
Thank you!