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Hello,Is there a way to cleanly do infinite tail calls with multipleparameters?I quickly bump into the stack limit:q)f:{f x+1}q)f 0'stack@{f x+1}2001Thanks,Leon
Say I have a table with three boolean flags (a,b,c) and a numericalvalue (d). I want to calculate the average value of d for allpossible filtrations of a,b,c.For example:a, b, c (all true)a, b, c in 01b (a and b true, don't filter on c)a in 01b, b in...
It's quite possible I'm missing something stupid, but shouldn't the 2ndexpression work?q){x,y}[0b;1b]01bq){select from ([]a:0101b;b:0011b) where a=x,b=y}[0b;1b]'rankq){select from ([]a:0101b;b:0011b) where a=x,b=1b}[0b]a b---0 1
Is there a way to subset a dictionary without having to reconstruct it?In the example below, the last output is what I want:q)d:til[5]!5#.Q.aq)d0| a1| b2| c3| d4| eq)d where 2
Hello,So I was surprised by these results:q)null ([] x:0 1 2) lj ([x:3 4 5] y:til 3;z:010b)x y z-----0 1 00 1 00 1 0q)"b"$0n1bAfter checking the reference docs, I see that the boolean datatype hasno null value. Was this design decision made because o...