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How do I put a timeout on the following sync call ?h:hopen `:[h;`func;{0N!x}]The other approach is doing an async call and putting a timeout on the callback. This is something I am not looking for.Thanks.
I want to upsert to a (date) partitioned table in the hdbIs the following right way to do it:tab: select from tabletab upsert updated_records{ .Q.dpt[`:hdb;x;tab] } each date_list_from_hdbThanks.
What does the bold highlight in r.q do ? Can someone walk me through it?u.rep:{(.[;();:;].)each x;if[null first y;:()];-11!y;system "cd ",1_-10_string first reverse y};
Before you could do key `. and it would list all the namespace like`o`z` etc.In version 3.6, it now shows `symbol$()Question is how do you list all the namespaces in the session ?
I am trying to split strings.In global scope it works:arg:"abc def"i:arg?" "value "0 ",string[i]," _ arg"Output ("abc";" def")However in function scope{i:x?" "; value"0 ",string[i]," _ x"} [arg]I get the error message xQuestion:How to make value exec...