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Hi all,I'm interested in using the AxLibraries ( in my CI/CD pipeline.In a typical use case (Github, GitLab, etc.), the build agent will run on a Kubernetes pod, i.e. in th...
With MacOS 11 High Sierra expected to come out next month, Apple has been warning developers that High Sierra will not be compatible with 32 bit apps "without compromise". What does that mean and how will it affect personal users of kdb 32 bit?https:...
Hi,How are large q projects normally integration tested?We can easily unit test with qspec or K4Unit. But usually q code involves multiple processes interacting with each other, which requires the code to be tested as a group.Would love to hear how t...
Hi,Does anyone know of any publicly available backtesters in kdb? I'm aware of the exchange simulator qx at and it should probably be possible to implement something on the back of that.Thanks
Let's say my C++ code has some object that needs to be used throughout the program:class API { API(); ~API(); void methodA() { std::cout << "called method A\n"; } void methodB() { std::cout << "called method B\n"; }}API api* = new API();extern "C" K ...