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I have some questions regarding the use of peach and memory writes.Consider the following code.q:q)c:0q)m:{raze string 100000{md5 raze string x}/x}q)f:{show (string x)," ",(string c)," ",m x}q)f peach til 5;q)g:{c+:1;show (string x)," ",(string c)," ...
Here's something I find perplexing:The following definition of f works:q)t:([]a:til 10;b:10?10f)q)f:{[x;y]select from x where a within y}q)f[t;3 5]a b----------3 6.2542564 3.6673165 9.844223But when [x;y] is omitted, why does it fail with 'rank:q)f:{...
Hi all, I have a splayed table with the `s attribute set in onecolumn. After an upsert, the attribute disappeared. This did nothappen if I save it as a "flat" table instead. Sample code below. Isthis an expected behavior? How can I preserve attribute...
Hi, I am a Q newbie and would like to find answers to 3 questions:Q1: How do I make a dyadic function infix?The only way I've found that seems to work is to append the both-eachadverb. Is this the only way? q)op:{y+10*x} q)1 2 3 op' 7 8 9 17 28 39Q2:...