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Hi, I had worked with kdb+ in Merrill Lynch and later Bank of America, and I'm currently working with kdb+ part-time in a small private hedge fund in China. I'm a fan of array programming. Looking forward to learning from all the cool discussions her...
I'm working on a pet project on Windows (MSVC 2019 Community) that intend to create a DLL that is to be invoked from q.exe.I found that krr/orr didn't seem to work as advertised in the documentations.Sample code:/// testdll.cpp#define KXVER 3#include...
Hi,I wonder if there is a simpler way to write a pj with uj-like semantics?The behaviour of pj is more like an lj, keys on the L.H.S. are preserved and matching values from R.H.S. are added. More often than not, though, I need a pj with the semantics...
I notice one interesting problem with the new negative -s mode since 3.1 -- query behaviour seems to differ to the point that innocent queries that run properly in positive -s mode fails in negative -s mode.The code below demonstrates it (note: the p...
Maybe I have been looking at the wrong place all along... May I know where the Q idioms page ( is located after the migration to MediaWiki? I cannot seem to find the page now.