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Hey All, How do you use KDB sin/cos/tan to solve for the angles of a triangle? Im not asking about SOHCAHTOA -- when I use the sin/cos/tan functions in KDB/q I get different results compared to other language's functions. Is there a conversion im mis...
How does one deal with a \ delimited txt file when using \ as the delim breaks in a typical csv load? Also, how does one deal with a no delimited txt file? In other words reading bytes? Anyone know?
Greetings All, I've got a couple 40gb CSVs that I'm hoping to perform some joins on. I do not know the column format, or headers, or if headers are even in the csv. Im working with a good bit of memory, with 256gb accessible. Loading the files into m...
Greetings all, Trying to add a numpy array (as a column) to a table in pyq. Pyq documentation doesn't seem to have an answer for me. Any help greatly appreciated.
Greetings all, Trying to get add a numpy array (as a column) to a table table in pyq. Any help greatly appreciated.