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Hey Everyone, I've been playing around with Dashboards for a little bit and seem to always run into a problem getting a drop down list to connect with my chart. In the View State for the drop down, I've got it setup for Default "sym" and Value "sym" ...
Hey Qbies, I have a table containing for multiple symbols that I'm looking to count rows... For example: symbol | symbol count | dataset count aapl | 1 | 1 aapl| 2 | 2 goog| 1 | 3 Basically, I want to get identify the row count by symbol and then by ...
Whats good, Qbies. I have 2 tables I'm trying to put together with a window join using `sym`time columns. The output table comes through fine, but I go through the data and it's clearly mixing results from different symbols. What gives? I've checked ...
Hey All, How do you use KDB sin/cos/tan to solve for the angles of a triangle? Im not asking about SOHCAHTOA -- when I use the sin/cos/tan functions in KDB/q I get different results compared to other language's functions. Is there a conversion im mis...
How does one deal with a \ delimited txt file when using \ as the delim breaks in a typical csv load? Also, how does one deal with a no delimited txt file? In other words reading bytes? Anyone know?