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Talk to me as if Im a small child, or a Labrador retriever. I have a Tickerplant. Subprocesses connected to the tp. My subprocesses crunch some data and then update columns on a localized master table. - Localized as in: local to that subprocess. I'v...
Greetings, I have 2 charts with identical datetime (y-axis). Id like to be able to make it so that when I move my cursor over one of the charts, it shows the values for the corresponding timestamp on the other chart. Similarly, I'd like to do the sam...
Hello Fellow Qbies, I'm attempting to run a wj across a table with a dimension of 1million rows and 30 columns. It works, but it takes too long to run. What are some tips and tricks to dealing with large datasets and windowjoins?
Hey Everyone, I've been playing around with Dashboards for a little bit and seem to always run into a problem getting a drop down list to connect with my chart. In the View State for the drop down, I've got it setup for Default "sym" and Value "sym" ...
Hey Qbies, I have a table containing for multiple symbols that I'm looking to count rows... For example: symbol | symbol count | dataset count aapl | 1 | 1 aapl| 2 | 2 goog| 1 | 3 Basically, I want to get identify the row count by symbol and then by ...