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Correction: I need to do without inserting the record.
Hi,I need to set the data type for columns c3,c4 as "C" without inserting single record in tablesuppose, tab is table having c3,c4 is list columntab:([] c1:`int$(); c2:`boolean$(); c3:(); c4:())q)meta tab c | t f a --| -----c1| i c2| b c3| c4| I want...
Hi, I know the difference between single, splay, parted splay tablesbut can someone please guide me on which real time secnario we shoulduse these table....Also, I would like to know sorting/enumeration issues with spaly andparted spay table (parted ...
Hi, I want to create a dictionaary with single key but facing someerror....e.g. A:`:hostname:5001 d:`handler!A `type errorBut, It is easy to do with other key...e.g. A:`:hostname:5001 d:`handler`port!(A;`8000) Can someone please help on this.Thanks i...