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Im using .z.n in my tick.q and wondering if theres a way to not show 0D infront of the timespan. Currently it shows: 0D20:06:22.271520000 I want this 20:06:22.271520000
x:(`Col1;12;.z.Z) y:(x;x;x) //add gtime of last element to end of x x,@[gtime;last x;0Np] //How do i do this for y? So i think i did x correctly unless theres a better way. But how would i handle y? I want to append to end of each list in y.
I was wondering what the best way to do conditional update in q? I know i can do the below but wondering if theres a shorter/cleaner way. t:flip `a`b!(1 2;01b) update c:{$[x;`true;`false]} each b from t
Is there a website around to help with practicing q? Something like Leetcode.com for example.
t:([x:(1 2 3);y:(`x`y`z)]z:"abc") l:`x`y`z!(2;`y;"b") select from t where (2#l) ~/:flip value flip key t Shouldnt the above code be showing the second row in table? instead i get nothing back.