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Hi,I had a problem when applying a function to a select statement. For example, the following code works perfectly $[0;max;min] 1 2 3 4 5but if put the function in a select statement, it doesn't work,egq)sps p qty---------s1 p1 300s1 p2 200s1 p3 400s...
Hi there,Please find the code below. I tested this in a local q instance for many times. Why are the last two values different? q) a::b+1q)c::b+1q)a3q)c3q)b:5q)a3q)c6Any advice is greatly appreciated!Thanks,Xinyu
Hi there,I'm wondering why the code below returns different results. q)-': [1 2 4]1 1 2 q){x-y}': [1 2 4]0N 1 2Actually is there a way to interrupt the execution and track the calculation step by step? I Almost know nothing about debugging in q ... A...
Hi there,I happened to find a interesting problem when dealing with type conversion. Please see my code below (result marked in red) (2 xexp 60)- (2 xexp 60) + 16f 0f (2 xexp 10)- (2 xexp 10) + 16f-16f (7h$(2 xexp 60))- (7h$(2 xexp 60)) + 16f0f (7h$(...
Hi there,I got an error when uploading a function (saved in a q file) with the code below to my instance on the remote server.code to load my function:\l /home/xygai/filter.qthe error i got from Qpad output window:(Roundtrip: 093ms)ERROR: '{ (opening...