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Is it possible to remove entries from or reset symw memory somehow?I process some external data shaped a certain way, then I store it shaped differently. And I am left with some symbols in memory which won't be needed after this processing is done. A...
This works:q)t:([]a:`a`b;b:0 1;c:"ab")q)show t,:([]a:`c`d;c:"cd")a b c-----a 0 ab 1 bc cd dWhy this, which semantically you'd think it's exactly the same thing, doesn't work?q)t:([]a:`a`b;b:0 1;c:"ab")q)t:t,([]a:`c`d;c:"cd")'mismatch
I want to define a "parent" table that has only a primary key as column. Trying this fails.q) p:([k:`$()]) 'parse So based on what I am reading in Q for mortals I came up with this:q) p:flip (enlist `k)!enlist `$()Is there no table definition syntax ...
I am using C# interface as described here: have a q table that has a composite foreign key and I want to bulk insert into it. How do I pass the composite key column values?I tried Array of Array...
If I load this from a script it works:dwact: ([act:`d`k`ki]dsc:("D";"K";"KI"));`:db/dwact set dwact;dwstat: ([stat:`p`s`e]dsc:("P";"F";"E"));`:db/dwstat set dwstat;dwlog: ([]act:`dwact$();stat:`dwstat$();start:`datetime$();end:`datetime$();err:();not...