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HI all, it can apply some function to a column, but if it possible to apply some function to selected records of a column? Do something like "update price*2 from trade where sym=xxx", is that possible?
HI allI have 2 functions, say below:func1[param1;param2]func2[param3;param4]And now both need some kind of caching to speed it up. thus I having updating the naming of above to func1Impl[param1;param2]func2Impl[param3;param4]And for func1, it change ...
Hi allI can use .z.h to get the current host, how can I get the port that current KDB process listening to incoming connection ( via -p xxx )?Thanks!
HI allIf I try to create a IPC connection when the server is busy for a long query, will hopen fail with timeout and it will wait until the long query finished? Say I haven't turn on the multi-thread support and KDB server running in single thread mo...
HI, I have a CSV file like to load to KDB[user@server path]$ wc /data/file.csv 2785438 11014912 239200400 /data/file.csvHowever, if I run this line to load the CSV:count tt:tabColName xcol ("sssssissfdd"; enlist csv) 0:(`:/data/file.csv);It is only l...