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suppose i have a table t: ([]isMatched: (1b,1b,0b,0b;1b,1b,0b,0b;0b,0b,1b,1b); index:((0,1,2,3);(0,1,2,3);(0,1,2,3));id: ((`a,`b,`c,`d);(`a,`b,`c,`d);(`a,`b,`c,`d))) so each row will find use the first element in idx which the corresponding element i...
suppose i have a table with three columns first one denotes the sequence of items to pick each person allowed to pick (here only two and same seq, the front ones will have higher dollar reward) whenever available, rewards is the dollar amount corresp...
hi suppose i have a column named Id and PrevId. Understand it is trying to find original Id for each row but still not sure how it works exactly. update originalId:{x1:y x;$[ =x1;x;.z.s[x1;y]]} [; Id!PrevId] each Id from table`
suppose you have a table with several columns named col1 like `3Y`5Y and col2 like `3Y`4Y so they are vector of symbols and call table t how can i read the below two queries 1. update {y,x} '[iasc each col1;col2] from t 2. delete from t where 0< sum ...
if i use $[] for if how can i add temp variable there? my understanding is it is either condition or the return value. so how can i put the below logic into this? suppose i have only input x and the if else logic below. $[x=`a;5; ?] if x = 'a' return...
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