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This week I caught up with KX Chief Marketing Officer, Kathy Schneider and together we spoke to FE news about the digital skills challenges and how it affects the UK economy. 

In our independent research, we found that 41% of students aged 16-23, can either write, or are planning to learn, at least one coding language in the future. 

Despite the growing importance and rising popularity of coding, 43% of students say a barrier to their learning is the curriculums in schools, highlighting the need for a greater focus within the education system.

A strong digital ecosystems could add another £41.5bn to the economy by 2025 and support 678,000 new jobs, therefore, it’s clear that supporting data skills and coding throughout education should be a key priority.

I would be keen to get the communities thoughts on this topic, what prompted you to learn how to code, what barriers did you face, and what advice would you give new learners?