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Community Manager

My name is Laura, I am part of the Evangelism Team in KX and I am one of the Managers of this Community, welcome!

Use this board to introduce yourself, tell us who you are and what experience you have with KX Technology. Are you a q-bie starting out with the basics or a q-uru with years of development under your belt?

Remember, this is your community, you get out what you put in, the more you connect and interact with others, the more useful it becomes for everyone!

We are delighted you are here.


Hi Laura,

Thanks for the invite! I have been using KDB and Q for over 2 years now and what a journey it's been. I had used it at work in an Australian bank and for a Masters in Complex Systems. Now, as well as still using it at work, I'm doing a Doctorate investigating the world of complex systems and Entropy using my personal setup at home - a 5 year old laptop and a big-ass NAS (shout out to sytem76 and Qnap).

Current interests are using multi-process compute more effectively and building better visualizations. I'm focused on (tragically under-appreciated) Grammar of Graphics at present but am looking to do more with the SDK for Dash.

This page is a great idea. Wonder if it might be good to start up some 'subreddit' type spaces where people can share their stuff? (You could use a q prefix rather than an r) My votes would be to see:

what scripts do people use to start up their Q (especially for multi process operations)

what do people's init.q files look like when they are loading up their Q goodness?



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Greetings one and all!

   I suppose you could call me a q-uru, but since it's been a good five years since I've been in active development, I'll be just add eager to learn new things with the rest. I've been a long time fan of more unusual programming languages (as an example of my taste for the unusual... and a bigger hint to my age, I took a pair of classes teaching COBOL in high school; one add an intro, and the second because I'm weird) and got in to q and kdb, by following the rabbit trail after A. I'm interested to see how much one can accomplish with q on more mobile platforms, but not to the exclusion of all of the other ways kdb+ and q can add value to things. 

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I believe that the "q/" space has already been taken by the folks of Quora,  but that said, Quora could be a fun place to show people "The Power of q" (patent pending).

New Contributor

Hiya! I'm Steve Barber. My involvement with Q/kdb+ over the past, well, I guess, 16 years has been pretty sporadic but all on the same theme. I work with a product often called StreamBase, now part of the TIBCO Streaming product line. We have an open source, BSD-licensed integration with kdb+ on our TIBCO Component Exchange called (for better or worse) the kdb+ QDBC Adapters for TIBCO Streaming. I didn't write them, but it generally falls to me to maintain them, which I occasionally do, but it's been a while.

The KX community is an interesting one for sure -- most of our adapters are closed source, licensed, and supported product but that model doesn't seem to work for KX -- everyone seems to want to integrate with KX a slightly different way and ends up needing to hack on the source code, so we just open-sourced them, and said have at it.

I basically know just enough q to maintain the adapters when I have to, and never really got deep into it, though a number of our users and customers at StreamBase and now TIBCO have had fun and hopefully some profit combining kdb+ and StreamBase over the years. q is fascinating language and an incredibly powerful tool.

I'm generally open to working on improving the adapters as time allows, and hopefully we'll have the source published out to a GitHub repo soon enough (though it's already available via the TIBCO Component Exchange).

Happy q-ing!

Moderator Moderator

Hi Simon, great to have you here! Sounds like you're working on some pretty cool stuff.

Thanks for the suggestion of somewhere specifically on the site to share stuff, I'll add it to our suggestion board! Feel free to share anything you like in a discussion forum in the meantime 😄
Happy coding!


Moderator Moderator

Hi BMeph, great to have you in the Community!

Sounds like you have a wealth of experience, keep an eye out for announcements about KX Cloud Edition and KX Insights, I think you'll be really interested to see what's coming!

Once a q-uru, always a q-uru! 😀

Moderator Moderator

Hi Steve, welcome to the Community! 

You've hit the nail on the head for why we started this community - to make q/kdb+ and KX technology more accessible for everyone. 

Feel free to share your repo once it's available, I'm sure many would be interested in seeing the adaptors!

Happy coding,