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KX Dashboards -- Can't Connect DropDown To Chart

Hey Everyone, I've been playing around with Dashboards for a little bit and seem to always run into a problem getting a drop down list to connect with my chart. In the View State for the drop down, I've got it setup for Default "sym" and Value "sym" ...

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planefan by Contributor
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Resolved! Analyst widget in Dash

Hi Team, I use Grammar of Graphics (GoG) in the Analyst widget in Dash for both a project at my work (where I am on the KX platform) and for a project at home where I use KX Dashboards Direct with Developer. I find GoG to be a real gem - super config...

Git commit/push to a user defined folder

My query is regarding pushin my files from KX Control to Git repository As per KX Control Guide Git commit /push new repositoryThe Package Exporter can support pushing the XML representation of a package to a remoteGit repository. If the selected pac...

Debugging embedPy library extension called extendPy

Hi all I try to hack and learn how to debug python library loaded to q kdb+ context. I use michaelsimonelli/qoinbase-q: Q client for the Coinbase Pro API ( as a sample to learn from. While hacking I discovered Interesting insights: 1. embe...

Kovacsi by New Contributor III
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