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Question : how to Integrate solacekdb.dll and run session with KX developer and q on windows 10 x64

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I try to integrate solacekdb with KX and use the C API client to interface KX with pub-sub topics examples.

I have a difficulty establish connection of the C program to the Q Solace Kdb+ library.

I asked at solace community and they answered I need a broker software, how can I integrate such a broker?





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Hello Ori,

Great content here!

I'm going to link some helpful resources for you:

Solace interface to kdb+ 


Solace Installation 

Hope this helps. 

Kind regards,


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Hello again,

I followed up with an internal KX team and I will also share their feedback here:

Extra resources:

A whitepaper here:

Examples here once installed: 

Note: It is true that a solace broker is required. Solace messaging can not be run without a solace broker. 

Tip: It is useful to start with the solace c examples and solace software to check that the solace setup including pub/sub/etc is working correctly.


C API (client pub/sub examples included):

Some changes to the code.kx docs,, are currently in the works. These specificities are mentioned in the readme/etc on github. 

Hope this is helpful for you.

Kind regards,


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Thanks Leah

    I asked the same questions on Solace community and got instructions to use 

it on a separate instance ( Docker or virtual or cloud ).

I will install docker desktop and attempt to deploy solace pubsub+ broker. 

Do you know if from architectural point of view it is possible to operate

when host computer has the Kdb installation and deployment , and only

the broker is on virtual / container instance? or should I install Kdb+ as well

on docker container?





Great question! Here is the feedback I received when I investigated this internally: 

"If broker is installed in a container, and client is on the host , then it should be possible to communicate as long as the chosen port is exposed to a port on the host.

If using solace broker container, they are normally listed in solace PubSubStandard_singleNode.yml. 
Note: these are Solace queries rather than KX queries, and may be better directed to Solace for a better explanation, and it can be beneficial to try with the solace client examples first (directing any problems/queries/etc to Solace). The KX interface uses the same solace C APIs."
Kind regards, 

They can be on separate machines/environments.

You can see in the White Paper that they use Kdb+ running on an ec2 instance 'ip-172-31-70-197.ec2.internal' and it connects to Solace broker running on ''


As long as your network settings are setup so that the 2 hosts can communicate over the needed ports then you will be successful.





hi rocuinneagain

  Thanks for the link.  it gave me a hint about using the q script to init connection.

I try to do something totally different. my goal is to create "software" type solace instance 

on my local machine (windows 10 x64).  I installed docker instance of solace.

how can I find the connection parameters described on the white paper (Messaging), see attached screenshot - the UI when I surf to my docker software solace page.