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Hi KX Community, 
You may have noticed some changes to both our landing page and discussion forums over the past couple of days. This is just the first step in a series of updates that will streamline content and improve your community experience.

We now include a welcome animation for new users, our latest KX Insiders content, and registration links for all upcoming community events.

Furthermore, I am excited to announce that we will be soon launching new community initiatives such as our “Vector Dojo” and “Ask the Expert” sessions, and tuning on slack integration for those users who wish to integrate.

We’ve also enabled blogging, for community members to share experiences and technical expertise.

You may also get pop up requests from time to time, asking you to provide valuable feedback that will allow my team to further tweak and refine. Of course, you can disable this on first notification, but we’d really appreciate the feedback on how you think we are doing.

Happy Posting!


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