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Introducing the Vector DojoIntroducing the Vector Dojo


The KX Community team are investigating ways in which we can further support our loyal members and considering several solutions that will add value to your experience.

One idea is to implement the “Vector Dojo”, a KDB\Q learning resource in which members work through challenges, supervised by APL guru @SJT 

Participation will be free and open to all.

To that, I would like to offer you an opportunity to share your thoughts, do you have any suggestions on what content you would like to see, would you like set challenges or perhaps something else?

Your feedback is important and your opinions will help the team build the resources you need to learn and grow.

Thank you.

Moderator Moderator

This is a very exciting prospect! 🙌

A resource that will encourage us to think innovatively, apply our kdb+/q skills in new and interesting ways, and what an opportunity to reap the benefits of expert supervision. 

Looking forward to hearing the suggestions and feedback from our fellow community members. 

Kind regards, 



New Contributor III

Thank You very much for this initiative 🙌. Looking forward to this.

In addition to set challenges; it would be nice to have some small real time use cases that we can work on, based on the learnings.

Thank You.


New Contributor

Great idea! I'm completely new to KDB\Q so I think even just observing how experts work out problems would be extremely useful.

New Contributor III

Hi DBaker

I am new to q language and to KX. I am working as a Data Handling Infrastructure
integrator at Makor Capital (I am interested in learning q and kdb+ for my private -
learning beyond my role at work).

One of the most important difficulty with digging examples is debugging.
I am working on the python installation of q and embedPy from conda kx channel
on windows 10 x 64 machine.
I would like to see more techniques to display contents of q objects when loading
python modules and using them inside q. It is very difficult to understand
what is the problem when something fails when operating embedPy under the q process
with q process on windows.

Can you prepare a demonstration of loading python modules from github to q embedPy
and how to display the mapping of objects to q entities and how to debug failures to load
python entities to q context?

Ori Kovacsi Katz