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Adding partitions w/o reloading the database

New Contributor
After splaying tables into a partition dir, I would normally call system "l dbDir" to reload a partitioned/segmented database. Can I add partitions w/o reloading the database? kdb keeps a mapping between the partition domain to the partition dir paths. Can I manipulate the stuff below without reloading the database? Thx.


New Contributor II
New Contributor II
yes, you can add new partitions and then load them when they are ready. However, don't manipulate existing partitions that kdb+ has already been made aware of, as that is unsafe.

Can I add a partition w/o re-scanning the partitioned/segmented table?
Let's say I have already got 10 years' data partitioned by date
/db/2000.01.01/quote ... /db/2010.12.31/quote
I am adding 2011.01.01. Reloading the database would cause kdb to rescan 3650+ partitions. 

Q1. Can I add the new dictionary entry 2011.01.01 -> /db/2011.01.01 w/o re-scanning? 
Q2. Are the stuff below writable? If yes, what should I add?

Q3. What if I am adding segments?
Q4. Can I remove existing partitions w/o reloading?