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Convert Tree into Table columns

New Contributor
Hi All,

I have a problem statement where I need to convert Tree kind of rows into columns.
For Ex:-

I have a table Tree where I have rows as follows :

Rule       | Key         | Value
Rule1      | Key1      | Val1
Rule1      | Key2      | Val2
Rule2      | Key1      | Val3
Rule2      | Key2      | Val4
Rule3      | Key1      | Val5
Rule3      | Key2      | Val6
Rule3      | Key3       | Val7

Now I want to convert the unique keys as a column to my output tree and values be the row value.

Output Table :-

Rule       | Key1         | Key2         | Key3
Rule1     | Val1          | Val2          | 
Rule2     | Val3          | Val4          | 
Rule3     | Val5          | Val6          |  Val7

Basically, I want to group all rules together, create columns out of all unique keys and respective values.

Not sure how to do it in kdb. Can somebody help here?


New Contributor II

exec distinct[t`Key]#Key!Val by rule:rule from t

New Contributor
I got the answer post posting this... We can use pivot.. Thanks to KDB...