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Replay old log file to hdb

New Contributor
Hi,Say I have a standard kdb+/tick setup and for whatever reason mytickerplant and rdb are shut down before the end of the day and broughtback up after the new day has started.So, I will have a sym2015.07.09 file, but because it is now 2015.07.10and I missed the end-of-day hdb write, my 2015.07.09 data will never getwritten to the hdb.What's the recommended way to load the log file and save all of thetables to the hdb?Thanks,Josh

New Contributor
Hi Josh

The usual way of doing it is to use -11! to replay the log file.  A basic script would be something like 

// load schema
\l schema.q

// define upd

// replay log file 

// save

This will read the full log file into memory.  So you will need to have RAM available. 

TorQ has a TP log replay script: 

which allows a bit more flexibility.  For example, you can replay the tp log file in chunks (so less memory usage), ignore certain tables, replay messages in a range, replay batches of log files etc.