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Linear Programming implementation in q?

Hi all,Is there any existing LP implementation, like Simplex method, in q?I searched through Google and kxsystems.github.io, but didn't manage to find any obvious hit. So I'm just curious if I need to start writing one myself, or if there is anything...

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Responding to q requests from C#

Hi,I'm trying to write a simple C# program that holds some state and responses to q requests. But I cannot figure out a proper way to write the response code.Below is a simple POC program that I have right now:namespace POC{ class Program { static ob...

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Debugging - Return not functional in KDB 3.5

Hi,I have updated to KDB 3.5 and it seems (:) (next/return) does not work under debugging mode. I would expect it to continue in execution return empty if nothing is provided but seems to stuck. It worked before. Any suggestions?Thank you.Best regard...

Re: [personal kdb+] Re: Applying P Attribute to Disk

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Applying P Attribute to Disk

Hi All,I have a large table on disk and I'm trying to apply `p# attribute to specific date partitions. I dont think I can use the addattrcolin dbmaint.q, because the db is still loading and I dont want to appy the attribute to partitions that are sti...