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Unable to import csv in Windows system

Not sure where I am going wrong..I am trying to import a csv to kdb. The following command works fine.In this case the examplefile.csv is in the same folder as q.exeexampletablename:("ZFIIIFIJJJ"; enlist ",") 0:`:examplefile.csvHowever if I want to s...

soum_guli by New Contributor
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Reverse Sums

Hello,I have table something likenum0N0N0N10N0N30N0N4and I want to have the sums going backwards, so the output would look likenum8888777444I've tried using reverse fills, reverse sums, ect.. but can't get it quite rightanyone have any ideas?

How to get json file from ftp to KDB?

Greetings,Is there a way to connect KDB with FTP with username and password and retrieve data back to KDB?I tried: system "curl ftp://username:password@xxx/path/to/.csv" but it failed.Any help would be greatly appreciated!Best,Kelly

kc3031 by New Contributor
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Tickerplant Demo

Installed the tickerplant demo from https://github.com/KxSystems/cookbook/tree/master/start/tick and tick from https://github.com/KxSystems/kdb-tick/tree/master/tick. Running on CentOS so updated the run.sh from gnome to nohup, however the tick.q is ...

Birzos by New Contributor
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'cross' rates

simple expression to give the cross rates given: GBP EUR USD 0.50443 0.73951producing: USD GBP EUR USD 1 0.50443 0.73951GBP 1.98244 1 1.46603 EUR 1.35225 0.68211 1or equivalent (labels not required)?

effbiae by New Contributor
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