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use or operator within like regex expression

I need to match a string that includes either of two strings in pattern - *STR1* or *STR2*. e,gselect from t where c like "*((STR1)|(STR2))*"I cannot do select from t where c like "*STR1*" or c like "*STR2*" due to way UI flows these filters in to ba...

Sam1 by New Contributor
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Setting up QSPEC

Hi,I am new to q/KDB. I want to setup QSPEC in my system. I have already created an environment variable $QPATH "C:/qpath". Added the QPATH script in my q.q. I have also loaded the packages byq) .utl.load "qutil"q) .utl.load "qspec"But now I am stuck...

QUTIL Installation

Does anyone knows how to install qutil referenced here https://github.com/nugend/qutil.I am new to q. Cannot interpret readme properly, i am confused with this QPATH how do i know what is it pointing to by default.

fixed income analytics in kdb/q

Anyone know of a good solution for doing fixed income analytics in kdb/q? Things like price to yield conversion, bootstrapping a yield curve, etc.?

tahsin by New Contributor
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