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Resolved! Conda package update?

Dear KX, Do you plan to make an up to date Conda package for kdb? The latest is 4.0-20221202, and it’d be good to know if you plan to release a newer one, or whether I should just build my own. Cheers! Dan

dsw by New Contributor
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Attributes memory overhead

Out of curiosity, can anyone explain the attributes overhead as explained in the Abridged Q Language Manual? Does anyone know what the 4*u+1 is? for parted and grouped? (I know the 4byte should be probably 8 bytes after 3.0) example overhead `s#2 2 3...

Resolved! Partition Table Memory Usage

I'm seeing some weird behaviour with querying a partition table (partitioned by month) This table has 414 columns, so each partition (if we select all columns is about 25 GB). This is a special table (not dealing with this many columns regularly). ra...

jattwick by New Contributor II
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Resolved! q check/load csv with file name including "-"

I would like to load csv files and save it to kdb. Bute file name is like file-20230818.csv, which might not be recognized by q. How can I deal with the symbol "-"? thanks

renbright by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Dynamically project function

Two questions on function projection Firstly, how can I project a function to one with no args, i.e. deferred execution. fn: {[x] x+1}; Obviously fn[1] or fn @ 1 will invoke the function now. Is there a way without wrapping it in another fn? Secondly...

erichards by New Contributor II
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