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defining path relative to q script

Hi,I'm trying to define in a q script a dir relative to the path of the script itself.I tried to do this:dir:system "realpath ../hdb"However this works only if I launch the script from the path where it resides. i.e. \pwd returns the path of the dire...

John by New Contributor
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q session on specific IP

Hi kdb,How can I open a q session on a specific IP address?For example I can specify a port with q -p 5001However I would like to have multiple q sessions on different IPs with the same port 5001 on the same machine.best.John.

John by New Contributor
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How to create a table with column names using temporal values

Good day everyone who's reading, Would someone be so kind and advise on how to create a table with column names of temporal data? I have a table with time column containing time stamps, but I would like to create another table which will have separat...

VA by New Contributor
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matching head of a list

i'm having a hard time finding a neat solution to finding if a list (a head) matches the start of another listsay i have a two "heads" to match, a and b, and c is the list to match with: a:1 2 b:1 2 1 c:1 2 a~(count a)#c1b b~(count b)#c1bbut i don't ...

effbiae by New Contributor
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