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Machine learning and KDB+ - Kaggle competition.

Hello q folks, I've implemented a linear regression model (with L2 regression) on some Kaggle competition data - particularly this one - https://www.kaggle.com/c/house-prices-advanced-regression-techniques (named "House Prices-Advanced regression tec...

Krishna by New Contributor
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hcount raw file size

For a compressed file, I noticed hcount and read0 return its uncompressed format. I could understand for read function but how do I get raw size as seen by ls?http://www.timestored.com/kdb-guides/kdb-io-file-read-write-functions`:tmp/t set t1(`:tmp/t...

intersting "function" question

Good day Q-Gods, I have an interesting question which I have been struggling with for a while now. I have two tables (t1, t2)t1:time px qty 1 10 100 2 20 200 2 20.1 200.1 4 40 400 4 40.1 400.1 5 50 500t2 is a "derivative" of t1. Please note that px a...

VA by New Contributor
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