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Looking for each element of "select"ed table in another table

Good day Gurus, Quick question, which I have been struggling with for a few days now:I have a table (source) t:ba time id acn ----------------------------------------------------------------------S 0D10:00:00.268000001 135716992 01 S 0D10:00:00.29100...

VA by New Contributor
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Pub/sub in Kdb+

With Kdb+(not kdb+tick) is it possible to Pub/Sub?Here is my what I am struggling to understand. If I do a normal upsert .Can I simple subscribe to it and receive the upserted data?Any piece of reference code?

soum_guli by New Contributor
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query for a list in a table

Hello all,I'm learning Q and KDB, started few days ago.I checked several sources, but I am not able to search for a list in a table.I have this table: ctable:([]v:((0.0 0.0);(1.0 0.0);(0.0 1.0)))then if I try something like this select from ctable wh...

can views/aliases be seen as materialized and hence be used to

Extreme qubie question incoming: I'm reading about aliases and table views (which are aliases). Considering I have a lot of queries that always follow the same pattern in the sense that they always have a group over a subset of properties A,B,C. Thes...

gbrits by New Contributor
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what's the use of 'resolving a foreign key'? (from enum to

Hi guys, working my way through through Q for Mortals, and have a question on http://code.kx.com/q4m3/8_Tables/#851-definition-of-foreign-key. Followed along and setup a foreign key from `tdetails` pointing to `kt`then following the tutorial: When yo...

gbrits by New Contributor
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