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Error: opening { without matching closing }

Hi there,I got an error when uploading a function (saved in a q file) with the code below to my instance on the remote server.code to load my function:\l /home/xygai/filter.qthe error i got from Qpad output window:(Roundtrip: 093ms)ERROR: '{ (opening...

xinyu_gai by New Contributor
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Modify a list of strings

HI All, I have a question regarding string list manipulation.I have a string list called csvData, and I need to append spaces to them so that length of all string are the same. This is my code:paddingWorkF:{ :x,(y - count x)#" " };maxLength:max count...

Can we have HDB table without sym column?

Hi, I've created few new table in the RDB, without sym columns, and that working fine.However, after it archive to HDB, and I just run "select from table where date=xxx" , there is error saying that "folder/sym file" is missing, is that a sym column ...

carfield1 by New Contributor
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Lexical scope for local vars in q

I started a quick (mainly POC) project simulating lexical scoping for local variables in q functions by automatically adding formal parameters to capture local variables and function projection. For example, q){a:100; {a+2}[]}[] {a+2} 'a q))\ q).tele...

removing decimal point from a number/ converting float to long

Basically what I would like to do is strip the decimal point from a number eg turn 46.30 to 4630, or would I just multiply by 10 in this example and then truncate. The problem with that is I may have more digits in other numbers like 1.7296875Thanks

rtrader by New Contributor
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