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Merge and match two tables with dates in each

Hello everyone, newbie here. Got the book, a lot of read... What would be the best way to merge two tables with dates? Table1 Table2Dates Data1 Dates Data1Feb 1 datapoint1 Feb 1 datapoint2April 1 datapoint1 Mar 1 datapoint2Jul 1 datapoint1 Apr 1 data...

VA by New Contributor
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Check sum

I would like to calculate a check sum of a FIX message I processes using .Q.fs Does anyone have a suitable efficient implementation in q? http://www.onixs.biz/fix-dictionary/4.2/app_b.html Dave

this must be easier than i'm making it...

q)(1#"<")~/:0N!x:-4!"<< >> <> == <= >="(,"<";,"<";," ";">>";," ";"<>";," ";,"=";,"=";," ";"<=";," ";">=")1100000000000b-4! splits a string into tokens.it conveniently handles <=, >=, <> and >>, but not << or ==.what magic will 'fix' -4! so that i get...

effbiae by New Contributor
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KDB instances using shared memory

Hi,I tried asking this question on stack-overflow. I am interested in having two (or more) KDB instances using a read-only table loaded into shared memory. My requirement is to load the data(table) once and cache it there. If I were able to put the t...

load script if the path is a string variable

How do I load a script if the path is a string variablea:"kdb/sp.q"\l aI get this error.'a. OS reports: No such file or directoryDo we have to hard-code the file path everytime we need to load it?