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optimize ej (equijoin)

How do I optimize equijoin? Table 1 has 500000 rows, Table 2 has 200,000 rows and I need to do equi join between them. The resulting table should have about 20,000,000 rows. It takes about 20 seconds currently to run - ej[`key;Table1;Table2] I tried ...

Sam1 by New Contributor
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sublime text plugin for q

I'm sharing my sublime text plugin which I have been developing using at work and at home for a while. Among many features, I find these most useful:- syntax highlighting- REPL- auto complete- connection management- f1-f5 shortcuts for help and print...

Question about the tibco library

HI allIt is about http://code.kx.com/wsvn/code/kx/kdb%2B/c/feed/rv.c, just wonder, why the function to be overload is "upd"? It make the process connect to tibco rv is not able to subscript to ticket plant, because the ticket plant update function is...

carfield1 by New Contributor
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select columns from a table

Hi,I'm new to KDB and trying to get myself familiar with q's syntax. I noticed that it is fairly easy to get a specific column or a number of columns from a table.for example, the following table in the sp.q file. s p qty---------s1 p1 300s1 p2 200s1...

xinyu_gai by New Contributor
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RosettaCode task: DeathStar

I wrote my first Q program, an implementation in Q of the RosettaCode task 'Draw the death star': http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Death_Star#Q Looking forward to any suggestions how to improve this ...