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Simple complex level exercise of Q

Hi there,Is there anything online where an exercise for Q is given for simple complex level just for practicing.If not, can anybody give me real time simple exercise?Thank you.

N_V by New Contributor
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measuring query performance

Hi,I currently use \t to measure time taken by a query/ block of code in milliseconds. Is there any way to measure in micro/nano seconds?Regards

Frequency distribution table

Hi ,I am trying to create a frequency distribution table, which calculates the frequency for values within a class. For eg: -1 to -0.8, -0.8 to -0.6 till .6 to .8; .8 to 1I think s:([] f:-1f+0.2f*til 10) helps me get the intervalsNow i have the value...

AP by New Contributor
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