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No append to zipped enums error

Hello All, I am trying to store a compressed enumerated column using v3.3 but getting a "no append to zipped enums" error. Is there a way around this?Thanks

Read after mkfifo

mkfifo fifoseq 1000 > fifoCan kdb read from it? Do read0 and read1 work? Thx.

LamHinYan by New Contributor
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Read an excel in KDB

I have an excel file and want to read this in KDB. is there any way I can do it ? I tried reading with read0 but the data there is almost unrecognizable to format it further.

In bloomber feedhander, Update:{@[value;x;.l.Crt"Update:

today I read bloomberg feed hand code, [bloomberg.c](http://code.kx.com/wsvn/code/cookbook_code/bloomberg/bloomberg.c).In the demo, K u = knk(3, ks(ss((S)blpapi_Message_typeString(m))), ki(c.value.intValue), sequence_to_dictionary(e)); K ret = k(0, "...

Count a streak of numbers with a reset?

Hello,I'd like to count rows with like sided numbers in a row and then if there's an opposite side reset the count.q)t:([]number:"I"$())number streak2 13 24 3-2 1-7 21 14 22 3 Thanks, All

hoffmanroni by New Contributor III
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