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personal kdb for trading systems development

Is it kosher to use personal kdb for trading systems development?I understand that a commercial license is needed for deployment. Thanks, Joel---http://wagerlabs.com

joelr1 by New Contributor
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kdb+ vs. CEP engines

(I'm also asking these questions via more traditional venues, but I'mvery appreciative of any developer / user thoughts.)When evaluating kdb+/q vs. something like StreamBase/StreamSQL, whatare the correct questions to ask, outside of "which is faster...

brianhaag by New Contributor
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Lazy lists or saving function state

Hi,I would like to use a function that takes a list, such as msum, andinstead apply it to each item of data as it arrives, essentiallyconverting a batch process into an online process. In some otherfunctional languages, it is possible to perform lazy...

basic socket communications?

Sorry if this is overly noob of badly formed, but I'm a trader tryingto evaluate kdb+ for a HFT infrastructure, and my developer skills areweak.I can't find an example anywhere of opening a client socket connectionand writing a string to it (some tri...

brianhaag by New Contributor
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Deleting from a splayed table

Is there a way to delete records from a splayed table without loadingit into memory using get and then saving it back to disk using set?Thanks.